Emma hiley photography

I'M CHARLIE, the life like version. 

I'm a singer songwriter from Surrey, UK.

The main goal and purpose of this music project is to create a big, super positive platform to help motivate, inspire and entertain as many people as possible. 

MY FAVOURITE way to showcase my art is to play live. I love connecting with an audience and sharing some LOLS, but since the pandemic, it's forced me to perform only within the confines of my bedroom.


I have been inspired throughout my life by a lot of genres of music, from Eminem to Queen, but I would say that the kind of music that I love to listen to and has had the greatest effect has always had that addictive 'hook'.  I live for the hook.

My music can be sad or explicit or cheerful or cheeky or boring or annoying. It's certainly obscure and rough around the edges but it will always be catchy, and I won't stop creating it until I'm making a significant POSITIVE difference to this weird and wonderful planet.

Thank you for listening/reading.